Monday, 18 August 2014


One of the biggest challenges of starting a company, or trying to work for yourself, is the question of where to sit and work every day.  Having no professional ‘home’ can be genuinely de-motivating and, over time, start to threaten your productivity.
It’s fine to do a couple of hours work in a coffee shop, from time to time.  Almost romantic, even.  But when you’re starting to look at a couple of days every single week, the situation can get pretty nightmarish.
With that in mind, we’ve put together a fail safe guide to getting stuff done when you don’t have a workspace.

1)      The library.  A good start.  It’s free, and other people there tend to be focused on their own thing, so there’s an air of purpose that will keep you going.   The best ones are the ones where the elderly congregate to do crosswords. 
Pros:  free and quiet
Cons: can’t make calls, wi-fi’s always crap, can’t drink tea

2)      Home.  Almost always a mistake.  Seems appealing in the morning, you’ll feel guilty and depressed by the afternoon.  That’s if you aren’t already dead from caffeine-overdose.
Pros: free, refreshments on tap, can work in your pants
Cons: you’ll feel depressed about your life, you’ll end up watching Jeremy Kyle

3)      The park.  A delight, if all you have to do is read something or make calls.  Crap for pretty much anything else.
Pros: free, pretty, close to nature
Cons: only realistic for about 3 weeks of the year if you live in cold London

4)      Coffee shop.  A nice treat from time to time.  Depending on which one you pick of course.  Some are much more precious about you sitting there for six hours and spending only £1.30 on a filter coffee.  If you’re as tight as me, make sure the wi-fi works before you buy anything.
Pros: you get waited on, you can eat cake, you can people-watch
Cons: you spend a fortune if you get into the habit.  There probably aren’t enough plug sockets to go round.   You get dirty looks if you make calls.

5)      Your mum’s gaff.  Probably the best bet all round, if the option’s there. 
Pros: free, homely, unlimited fridge access
Cons: you’ll have to have an awkward chat about how well your ‘business’ is going.

So there we have it.  Here’s to everyone out there struggling with this and please get in touch if you can give us a free desk space.  We’ll bake for you!

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